We all are aware of our ancient medical branch ayurveda and its amazing health benefits. But in this fast moving and competitive world we need fast results and easy taking medicines. What we forget is that even a viral fever takes 3-5 days to recover completely and cough and cold takes 2-3 days to recover fully. Hardly are we aware that even ayurvedic medicines take same amount of time to cure one. Almost all allopathic medicines have some or the other side effects. So eventually we are trading one problem for another one. Then why not ayurveda? A Science which is virtually doesn’t have any side effects.

I am a fan of ayurvedic medicines and in my constant attempt of searching good ayurvedic products i came across this completely different concept of Ayurvedic green tea indicated in different disorders. I suffer from dry skin and hence during winter season, or cold places vacations give rise to my eczema problem. Allopathic medicines just subsided my symptoms temporary with no permanent solution at all. Also the continuous use of allopathic drugs have lead to my weight gain, bloating, and digestive problems. Few months across i started sipping their Skin green tea and to my wonder and relief i am getting my skin back in track. I have completely stopped allopathic medicines and sipping this tea twice a day. Cheers to this wondrous tea. Thanks team Satvaa for launching such easy to take dip tea.

Diet for Skin diseases  

Ayurveda, the science of life believes that Skin health depends on Koshta(digestion). A clean digestive tract will keep skin healthy. Therefore diet plays an important role for clear and healthy skin.
As per ayurveda, Tikta rasa(Bitter tasting food products), helps in blood purification and also cleansing the skin. Vata-Kapha dietary balance improves blood purification(Raktashudhi) that enables the skin to get rid of dryness as well as excessive oilyness.
Drink plenty of water to keep one hydrated.

Some Skin friendly food-

  1. Carrots, Apricots and other yellow and orange fruits and vegetables
  2. Spinach(palak), methi and other green leafy vegetables
  3. Tomatoes
  4. Blueberries
  5. Beans, Lentils and peas
  6. Salmon, mackerel and other fatty fish.
  7. Nuts
  8. Low fat dairy products.
  9. Whole unpolished grains
  10. Turmeric

Some foods to be avoided for people suffering from skin diseases

  1. Excessive oily and deep fried food for those who suffer from acne or excessive oily skin.
  2. Dahi(yoghurt) and sour food items for those suffering from psoriasis, eczema, etc
  3. Spicy food and breads for those suffering from herpes, pustule, fissures(crack) in skin etc

Anti oxidant rich and fibrous food products are always a good choice to opt for those who wish to have clear and soft skin. 


20 secrets for healthy life  

I have always believed that Healthy isn’t a goal; it’s the way of living. We invest in so many unnecessary health gadgets, fitness programs; go on diet without any long term benefits. We discard so many nutritious foods for the sake of dieting, stay up late under pretext of working or partying thus neglecting the important part; Health. Healthy life isn’t achieved overnight; instead it is a constant effort by adopting simple and healthier steps in life. Thus a self disciplinary practice helps us achieve the ultimate goal-Healthy Life.

The 20 secrets of healthy life are just a way to take first step in the direction of Health.

  1. Start your day with a glass of warm water or fresh bottle gourd juice with mint everyday to enhance metabolism.
  2. Have a good breakfast with good source of , proteins and anti oxidants with little amount of carbs to it. Good meals at the start of the day ensure your body has enough energy for the rest of the day.
  3. As long as you have teeth; chew fruits and say no to fruit juices. Eat all seasonal fruits that includes mangoes, jackfruit, custard apple etc
  4. Avoid curd in the night. As ayurveda believes that curd is heavy to digest and in the night its better to have a light meal.
  5. Include cow’s ghee 1tsp daily in the diet so as to boost fat metabolism in the body in order to shed those extra kilos.
  6. Avoid few combinations in diet like Tea and Khari or khichdi and milk or khichdi and buttermilk and so on.
  7. Have a light dinner every night. Try to have early dinner usually by 7 for better digestion.
  8. Include roasted flax seeds with black cumin as a mouth freshener post meals. This combination helps to burn the accumulated cellulite.
  9. Keep your skin hydrated by taking regular oil massages. In vedic days, Abyangam Snan was to oil your body and have a bath so that skin remains toned up till old age.
  10. We need to drink 8-10 glasses of water everyday. In summer increase the intake.
  11. Don’t drink water post meals as it leads to poor digestion and bloating. Drink the water while having meal.
  12. Avoid drinking water immediately before food as it kills the appetite.
  13. Walk/exercise on daily basis.
  14. Try to minimize the stress by practicing pranayam/meditation for at least 10 mins daily.
  15. Sleep 7-8 hours daily. Sleep as early as you can for better digestion and metabolism.
  16. Always give a gap of 1-2 hours between dinner and sleep.
  17. Once in a while, go for panchakarma(5 detox therapies) to keep your health in check.
  18. Drink Green tea instead of regular tea or coffe.
  19. Try to take stairs whenever possible.
  20. Most importantly engage yourselves in the activities that reduces stress and makes you happy. 


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