About Satvaa Green Tea

Green tea is produced from the plant Camellia Sinesis, whose leaves and leaf buds are used. And since these leaves are not allowed to wilt or oxidize, it has slightly higher antioxidants components compared to other teas.

Satvaa has combined green tea and power of ayurveda herbs to unlock and boost the metabolism of the body. We have launched different types of green tea as per one’s need. If taken regularly they help you to keep control on your weight, immune sytem, blood pressure and so on.

Satvaa green tea for Energy

As the name suggest, this tea helps you to kick start your day with a surge of energy.  Long hours at work, demanding work commitments show a toll on our health. Fatigue, calf cramps, frequent allergic reactions etc are quite commonly observed. Our Energy green tea contains Amla, Bala, Ashwagandha-indian ginseng, which surges the body with ample amount of anti oxidants which in return boost up the brain and helps us to focus and concentrate much better.

 Usually the energy drinks available in the market are loaded with caffeine and sugar, which usually leads to weight gain and lethargy over a period of time.

Our Urjaa green tea boosts the physical as well as the mental stamina making the body sharp and alert. It improves the defence mechanism of the body as well.



Diabacare Green Tea

A alarming disease due to sedentary life style is silently and effectively damaging our cells and organs at slow and steady pace. Our Diabacare green tea has blended the properties of Karvellak, Jamun, Guduchi etc which stimulates the pancreas to secrete insulin(key factor for converting blood sugar into useful energy.) and rehydrates the body and keep the sugar levels in check.

If consumed daily, it shows remarkable reduction in blood sugar levels and reduction of weight.

It prevents the diabetic complications like renal failure, cataract, heart diseases and so on. 

Satvaa Stress Buster Green Tea

In today’s competitive world, we all are being exposed to physical and mental stress. This stress starts clawing the body and symptoms like frequent headaches, palpitation, high blood pressure and so on starts pilling up in the body.  Heart problems, joint pains, sleep disorders are some complications which happen if we ignore to take preventive measures for stress for a longer period.

Our Stress green tea with herbs like Jatamansi, Bhrami, Shankpushi, Vacha, has a soothing effect on the nervous system,it reduces palpitation and calms the nerves, if consumed daily. Sip a cup of tea before heading for a stressful meeting or work commitments. It will keep your nerves calm and in check. Regular consumption of this green tea helps to keep blood pressure in check.  



Satvaa Green Tea for Clear Skin

Market for fairness cream, acne face wash etc is topping the market charts. We hardly have time to think about right type of nutrition for skin. Constant exposure to sun, dust, smoke, wrong skin care products have made skin lustrous less and has given rise to acne, eczema, psoriasis and many such skin problems. 

Our revolutionary Skin green tea comprises of herbs like Amraharidra, Sariva, Manjishtha, Santra which purifies your blood and reduces all skin problems if consumed daily. Regular usage ensures you that your internal skin glow is back and skin is hydrated and lustrous. 

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